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What is happening behind your back?
Your teenage years are the most critical time for the development of your spine, especially since this area is very vulnerable at this age. Any excess pressure you place on your back, if you have a bed fall or if you might have adapted the wrong posture, can affect your back later on when you're older. Protecting the spine is extremely important since our spine is responsible for our entire nervous system we shold therefore provide it with the right support, especially during sleep.
Why is it particularly important to look after your back during sleep?
This is because when you sleep, your growth hormone production is at its peak in the brain. The better and more continuous your sleep is, the more successful your growth and development will be. So how do you make sure you get a great night's sleep? First of all, don't party all night as much and try to get some sleep once in a while. But most important - make sure the mattress you sleep on gives you the support you need.
How do you choose such a mattress? That's a good question.
And here's the answer.
Sapapa Has Your Back
About 50% of your body weight is located in the central third of your body. Lying on a mattress with no extra support in this area can lead to the "hammock effect". This specific body position creates a hammock - like shape to the body, which in turn can result in uneven pressure on the vertebrates, the muscles and even the nerve endings that come out from in between the vertebrates. Sounds unpleasant? It's even more unpleasant when you start having back and neck pain, headaches, your spine can eventually get seriously damaged and start to give you problems. It is recommended that you sleep on a mattress that is not too soft and has a sturdy support in the area of the central third of your body. Equal support to all your body parts will protect and keep the spine in its natural position ( you hear "position" and you immediately smile right?) and prevent any excess pressure on the vertebrates.
                       The Health Center                                           The Hammock Effect                   
Why should the Health Center interest you? 
First of all, you'd probably be glad to know that the bed you bought at Sapapa doesn't just look nice. It also includes an important and exclusive feature called the "Health Center" which comprises of a unique spring system located in the central third of the mattress. This way, the spine can maintain its natural shape so that you can keep your back straight and your head high enough to peek over the test paper of the person sitting in front of you. So if your back is important to you, keep in mind the things that are important to look out for when buying a mattress.
So why should you insist on Sapapa?
600 Physical Springs
Sapapa has an advanced spring system ahich includes 600 "open end" springs and provides optimal support, both vertical and horizontal, to each point on the body. Yep, every single point on the body. The springs go through a unique reinforcement process, which prevents sinking over time and maintains their durability for many years.
This funny name is given to this amazing material that stays firm in room temperature but becomes soft when comes in contact with the body. This means that the minute you lie down on your bed, this material transforms itself and takes on the shape of your body, disperses the load along the entire mattress and relieves unwanted pressures from your spine. Genius, right?
The Health Spine
This platform is made of flexible wooden strips that compliment the spring system and provides support and comfort both when sitting and lying down. The Health Spine also keeps the mattress ventilated.
The Health Center
Sapapa's Health Center has two main advantages: It provides maximum support to the back and doesn't compromise flexibility and compatibility to the shape of the body. How do we do that? Unlike other processes available in the market, which make the central and most important part of the mattress hard, Sapapa's Health Center is made of flexible steel (others sometimes use Polyurethane, for example). The fact that it is made from the same material the spring system is made of, and that it is placed on top of the springs and not in the middle of a spring entanglement, makes it possess the qualities that really look after your back more that any other mattress. 
Surrounding Frame
A wide steel frame surrounds the mattress preventing the springs from sinking towards the center and in addition provides flexibility to the edges of the bed and compatibility to the body's shape. The frame provides sturdiness, allows for maximum utilization of the entire sleeping area and protects the bed for many years.
Scotch Guard
Accidentally spill something on the bed? (And let's not get into how it actually happened...) rest assured it's nothing to worry about. Every one of Sapapa's fabrics go through a unique process that makes them anti - stain and assures they can withstand wear, abrasion and color running.
Bedding Compartment
Made of plywood and built with a reinforced lower part designed to hold great weight (since we have no real clue what you plan to store there other than your bedding...). The compartment is attached to the bed using special connections, reinforcement strips across the width of the bed and metal screws (as opposed to wooden ones found in other beds), which makes it both strong and easy to assemble without getting the connections worn out.
The Standards lnstitute's Seal of Quality (ISO 9002) All Sapapa models comply with the international ISO 9001 - 2008 seal of quality. Sapapa is also checked and certified once a year by the Standards lnstitute, so that when you buy a Sapapa bed, you can be sure you will enjoy the highest quality product, which complies with this international seal of quality.
Unique Mechanisms for Ultimate Comfort
Electric Up & Down 
Like the easy life? Enjoy this electric system with remote control, which allows for easy raising and lowering of the back and head area at the push of a button. Forgot to turn the light? Sapapa's innovative System allows you to easily control the adjusting of the bed, as well as turning on, off or dimming the light in your bedroom...
Hydraulic Up & Down
Like cool inventions? This manual mechanism is swiss made and works using an hydraulic piston for smooth and precise adjustment of the back and head area.
Pneumatic Up & Down
Swiss made manual mechanism that works using an air piston for easy adjustment of the back and head area.
Up & Down Total Mechanism
Don't like getting out of bed? The Up & Down mechanism lets your lower and raise the back and head area without having to work hard.
Up & Down Total Mechanism
Like to put your feet up? Introducing the world's first bed that can be adjusted both in the head area as well as the feet and also includes a spacious bedding compartment.
Top - Up Mechanism
Is your mind somewhere else? Get acquainted with this unique mechanism that provides you with support that focuses on the head and neck area so that you feel much more comfortable watching TV, talking on the phone or reading.
Safe Sleep System
Automatically disconnects the electric current inside the bed and thus reduces the electromagnetic radiation to zero.
So which Sapapa will you choose?
For you and a guest
For you, a guest and your bedding
Single bed that transforms into a full size bed
One easy pull and you have a queen size bed with lots of storage space
Choose from:
Wood: Light wood, cherry, dark nut.
Metal: Black, metallic gray, chrome - nickel.
Sapapa holds the right to change the product details. 
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