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Sapapa by Aminach – Israel’s leading manufacturer of sleep solutions, with over 60 years of experience behind the name.


With five production plants, for mattresses, wooden furniture, metal furniture, foam rubber, and assembly and upholstery, Aminach keeps a sharp eye on painstaking Quality Assurance and innovative R & D. The company maintains an on-site medical institute for sleep research, engineering and research, product and production design division, test laboratories, marketing and web marketing. A logistics center, complete with a large fleet of trucks, supply Sapapas and other models to more than 400 stores in Israel. Aminach has also entered the international arena, beginning with the purchase of the leading Hungarian bedding manufacturer Cardo in 1993.


SAPAPA by Aminach is the innovative result of the firm’s innovations – ergonomic design combined with health considerations.


  • Since mattress structure is crucial for all of us: adults, children and teens’ back care, Aminach has developed the “Health Center” system to reinforce the central third of the mattress to prevent sinking that damages the spine. After all, sleep is one third of our lives



  • Up & Down hydraulics system raises and lowers the headrest, footrest and backrest with a remote control – no need to get out of bed – and it even controls the light switch!


  • SAPAPA with sleek lines and up to the minute color selection – removable fully machine-washable slipcover to change color as teens change mood. Available in a huge selection of fabrics and designs


  • Fully automated, fully adjustable sections. Individual control on each of the two sections in double bed size allows each sleeper maximum comfort


  • Convenient bedding storage compartment keeps sheets and blankets neatly out of sight


  • SAPAPA for ultimate relaxation and total convenience. Two separate sections each with its own control.
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